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CLAAS Lexion 580 maaidorser
€ 78.000
€ 93.600
Model Lexion 580
Type maaidorser
Jaar 2005
Eerste registratie 2005
Werkuren 2889 m/u
Standplaats Slovenië
Datum van invoering meer dan 1 maand
Voorraad ID-nummer dealer 58600965
Volume graansilo 10.5 m³
Afdekking 9 m
Snelheid 25 km/u
Merk Mercedes Benz OM502 LA
Vermogen 430 PK (316 kW)
Brandstof diesel
Conditie gebruikt
Overige details
VIN 58600965
Overige details
MD_B08_0011 Cutterbar cylinder with hydraulic damping
MD_B09_0020 3. cutterbar cylinder with mechanical lock
MD_B11_0010 Trailer hitch, automatic
MD_B12_0010 Without dust extraction
MD_B14_0020 Without AUTO PILOT
MD_B16_0010 Cutterbar brake
MD_C02_0080 Universal Rotors Grain
MD_C04_0030 Drum drive variator
MD_D06_0040 Variator drive 360 - 1050 rpm universal
MD_D08_0040 In cab control for RotoPlus concaves
MD_E04_0030 Cleaning, standard
MD_E05_0010 Wind reduction kit for grass seed
MD_E06_0010 Fan panels
MD_E10_0010 Returns volume measurement with CEBIS display
MD_E14_0010 Upper and lower sieve, standard
MD_F02_0290 Grain tank 10,500 litres
MD_F06_0070 Grain tank discharge auger tube XL
MD_G02_0060 Straw chopper with spreader
MD_G06_0050 Drive for chaff spreader
MD_N02_0195 TA Servo 21t
MD_N04_0412 Front tyres 1050/50R32 174 A8 Michelin
MD_N08_0100 Steering axle fix 3,04m 10 holes
MD_N10_0380 Steering axle tyres 600/55-26.5 12PR IMP, 10-hole
MD_P02_0210 Mercedes OM502LA 316kw(ECE)
MD_P06_0020 Fuel pre-filter
MD_P12_0020 Air cleaner, special
MD_Q02_0070 A/C-MATIC - automatic climate control with heating
MD_Q03_0050 Work lights
MD_Q03_0100 Insulated cooler bag
MD_Q07_0055 PCMCIA card reader and printer
MD_Q07_0160 0160_Yieldmap. SAT
MD_Q08_0011 QUANTIMETER yield measurement
MD_Q10_0030 Comfort seat, air-suspended
MD_R04_0010 Rear view mirrors, electrically adjustable
MD_R05_0010 Chain lubrication for grain tank unloading, automatic
MD_S02_0010 Statutory equipment for right-hand side traffic
MD_S03_0010 Rotating beacons, 2 units
MD_S03_0080 Additional equipment oversize
MD_S04_0040 Tool box universal
MD_S06_0010 Technical documents
MD_S07_0050 Fire extinguisher 6kg DK
MD_T02_0110 Shipping method rail
MD_T03_0020 Machine ready to run
MD_Z02_0120 Check group cutterbar 9,00m
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